Chapter One: The Police Station - page 3

  • The fedora and trenchcoat wearing man standing in the doorway looks determined and authoritative, whilst also slightly dishevelled
  • The man enters the room and opens his notepad: 'We've been expecting you'
  • He then announces who he is: 'I'm Detective Mcgraw'
  • McGraw then asks 'Can I get you a drink? ..Water? ..Coffee?' to which Mr. Warrington responds cagily: 'Got anything stronger?'
  • Detective McGraw smiles at this: 'Coffee's about as strong as it gets around here'
  • However, he opens his jacket producing a liquor flask: 'But I guess I could make an exception..
  • McGraw then gets straight to the point: 'So! You wanna tell me how you ended up here'