Chapter One: The Police Station - page 2

  • The man leans over the desk with a determined look in his eye: 'I have'
  • The officer incredulously points at the man: 'You've been murdered?'
  • Defiantly the man leans further over the desk: 'Did I stutter? Yeah.. I'm reporting my own murder!'
  • With a seemingly sudden change of attitude, as if this was something he had been told to expect, the officer leads the man to an interview room: 'Right. Ok. You'd better come this way'
  • Inside the small, poorly lit interview room, the man sits slumped over a table when he is startled by a husky male voice from the interview room entrance: 'Mr. Warrington I assume?'
  • Confused at how this man knows his name Mr. Warrington asks: 'How?'