Jessica Path - The Barman Knew Something

  • David Warrington is outside the bar. He narrates: 'That girl had something to do with this and I knew just the person to tell me where I could find her...
  • David aggressively approaches the bar and barman stood behind it from the previous night: 'Last night I was here with a girl.. A pretty blonde one... Where can I find her!'
  • The barman plays ignorant: 'Err... Sorry sir... Can't say I remember anyone like that...'
  • David grabs the barman by the collar: 'Maybe you didn't understand the question! TELL ME WHERE TO FIND HER!'
  • The barman tries to pull away: 'Whoa! Look.. I don't..'
  • David interrupts him by grabbing a nearby bottle and holding it threateningly above the barman's head: 'Don't you?! Maybe I can help jog your memory!'
  • The barman starts playing ball with David: 'OK.. LOOK.. I know she lives in the area.'
  • David motions as if he is going to hit the barman with the bottle, the barman finally tells all of the truth: 'Alright! Chandler street.. Thats all I know.. HONEST!!'